Vampire Teeth Implants

When someone goes through the cost and discomfort associated with getting vampire teeth implants, they don’t do it for the sake of making a fashion statement, but they do it in order to transform their body into a real vampire, a psychic vampire, or for extreme body modification. Getting vampire teeth is a part of fitting in with the thriving vampire scene. The implants are generally for cosmetic reasons because they aren’t strong enough to prick the skin on someone’s neck. These teeth are removable and can fit over your original tooth, but they can also be like a cap and be more permanent. If you are devoted to living the modern vampire lifestyle, then getting vampire teeth implants is a great way of showing your commitment.

Types of Vampire Teeth Implants

Vampire Teeth ImplantsThe most popular types of implants are those that cover your canine teeth like a hat. You can wear them on top of your canines and take them off whenever you want. Ready-made implants are usually adjusted through drilling so as to fit your mouth.
For more permanent implants, the process has to be carried out by a good cosmetic dentist. The implants use a similar fitting process to that of a cap. In this process, your original tooth gets filed down to a thin line to ensure that the cap fits perfectly. These implants are permanent and cannot be removed, unless you have them fitted like a bridge attached to a wire that will be able to slip in and out of your mouth.

The Sizes Available

These implants usually come in different lengths, but getting small sized ones is more advisable as they will feel very natural in your mouth and will not be a hindrance to your speech. The cost of getting the implants is affordable but the prices will vary according the cosmetic dentist. You can also arrange for a payment plan with your dentist.

How to Prepare Yourself for the Procedure

For your procedure to be a success, ensure that your teeth are in good health before you get the implants. If you have severe gum disease, rotten or painful teeth, then it isn’t advisable for you to get the vampire teeth implants. This is because the procedure you will have to undergo to get the implants is harsh and the implants are also artificial in nature. If your teeth have cavities and you still want to get the procedure done, you may have to undergo a different procedure whereby your teeth will get treated and restored before being fitted with the implants.

An important thing to note is that it may take time for you to get used to the implants. Your new teeth may get in the way of speaking and eating and you might need to learn how to do these things again. Because of the discomfort and cost associated with getting these implants, some people usually prefer to have only the top canines done. So before getting fitted with the vampire teeth implants, ensure you take all the above points into consideration so you can have implants which will give you a perfect vampire look that will last.

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