Vampire Facts

Few creatures have been portrayed with as much history and detail as vampires have. The legend behind them and the ways to protect oneself and even try and get rid of a vampire begs one’s mind to gather belief in these beings.

While Count Dracula of Transylvania is probably the most notorious of the lot, there have been several episodes of vampyric themed programming and movies. Of course, each of them adds their own twist to soothe an otherwise gruesome tale, but the truth remains that not all vampires are evil; some can choose to follow the path of the righteous.

Vampire Facts

The origin of a vampire stems from the bite of the Vampire Bat; which is known to survive on the blood of the living. The story goes that as the vampire bat bites into and sucks the life blood out of a victim, they too inherit the need to seek blood for themselves; stalking victims until they find the perfect moment to prey. They can also animalize of transfigure themselves into bats so as to make a quick exit when needed. Which brings up a question; can a vampire turn into a werewolf? No. They are victims of a different sort of dark magic.

It’s not always necessary that a vampire’s first victim will be also turned into a blood-seeking being, because with enough will and power of mind, they can overpower the feeling and be treated to live normally, even enduring that which causes vampires to flee.


In order to stand a chance against a vampire or to evade any act of vampirism, one can adopt more than a few ways to be protected from these beings. Vampires will stand back from a holy mark, a cross or Christian symbol of the crucified Lord is so far proven to be effective; but some powerful vampires, known to have garnered a greater following than Jesus himself, may not be affected greatly with its wield. Holy water too can be used to ward off not just vampires, but many forms of evil. While spirits may not be affected physically, vampires will burn with its contact.

Another unusual means of protection is garlic. Its essence and healing powers despite its offending odor make it a form of purity that wards off the vampyric in nature. Vampire facts will recommend one to practice traveling outdoors, and out of their garlic confines, only in sunlight and return back to protection before sunlight bows to dusk. Vampires cannot survive in sunlight, although some of the elite and most powerful have managed to up their resistance enough to endure sunlight for short periods of time.


Of all the means that can be employed to combat and even kill a vampire, vampire facts state that the most popular still remain the stake to the heart, a sunlight trap and a bullet of pure silver. A sharp wooden stake must be used to strike a vampire, making sure to pierce their heart. Only then will they be turned to dust. Exposure to sunlight can also rid one of a vampire, provided there remains no means of escape.

A silver bullet will take care of most evil beings. Vampires yes, but also werewolves, shapeshifters and most demons will also succumb when struck by pure argentum in almost any form. A silver bullet, especially to the head or the heart, is the safest way to get rid of vampires and most evil beings while maintaining a safe distance. Just make sure you catch them by surprise, which is not very easy!